the world in lockdown – free coloring sheets

These are uncertain and challenging times, they demand a lot from us who live on planet earth. I am privileged to feel save where I live. Many don’t have a home. Many have a place to live, but no home. I think it is important to find ways to cope with the new situation. For those who are lucky enough to have a home and enough savings to continue paying their rent, this can still be a difficult time. Social media constantly shows us people working out all day, creating amazing art and striving for self-improvement. On that note: doing nothing is fine too!

Many parents are overwhelmed because they suddenly have their partner and/or children at home all day. I was looking for a way to make this challenging time a little easier for those who now have to teach their children themselves. This way I can use my skills – and luckily, drawing also helps me to calm my mind.

Here are the illustrations that I have made available to two different initiatives. Both are providing free printable coloring sheets from illustrators around the world.






Find printable coloring sheets from hundreds of professional illustrators here:


Or look here for coloring sheets hosted by the lovely people of @illustratorsagainstcovid19 :

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